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Meridians – What are they?

The term meridian lines is misleading as a better translation of the Chinese term is ‘channel’. The idea behind this concept is that there are subtle vessels which run throughout the body and connect the organs and carry qi (energy). In Chinese medicine the belief is that these channels need to be kept clear for a fully healthy functioning body and mind.

There are 14 main, 12 paired vessels and 2 single channels, six are yang(male) and six are yin (feminine).

Below are the 12 paired meridians and signs of disharmony in them if the energy is possibly blocked:

  • Heart Meridian – heart pain, palpitations, insomnia, night sweats
  • Small Intestine – deafness, lower abdominal pain and distention
  • Liver – lower back or abdominal pain, mental disturbances, hiccups
  • Bladder – headaches, blurred vision, shoulder pain
  • Spleen – flatulence, vomiting, upper abdominal pain
  • Stomach – abdominal bloating and pain, vomiting
  • Lung – coughs, asthma, chest pain
  • Large Intestine – toothache, sore throat, neck pain
  • Kidney – impotence, weakness in the lower limbs, increased urination
  • Gallbladder – bloating, liver pains, and a yellow discoloration on the tongue, skin, and urine
  • Pericardium – heart pain, poor concentration, palpitations
  • Triple Warmer – the triple warmer is responsible for balancing the whole body so controls metabolism, heat and moisture balance along with body temperature. An imbalance here could suggest and issue with any organ in the body.

The 6 Yang and 6 Yin channels form pairs:

  • The stomach vessel (yang) flows to the spleen vessel (yin)
  • The heart vessel (yin) flows to the small intestine vessel (yang)
  • The bladder vessel (yang) flows to the kidney vessel (yin)
  • The pericardium vessel (yin) flows to the triple warmer vessel (yang)
  • The gallbladder vessel (yang) flows to the liver vessel (yin)
  • The lung vessel (yin) flows to the large intestine vessel (yang)

The 2 other single vessels that are of vital importance are the Conception Channel and the Governing Channel. The two together form a circular entity. The energy flow of the Conception Vessel connects with Yin the female, energy and the energy of the Governing Vessel corresponds to the Yang, the male, energy. The Governing Vessel flows to the Conception Vessel.

Each meridian or vessel is connected to an element – earth, wood, metal, water and fire and there is a meridian clock which demonstrates which meridian is active at different parts of the day and night. This is another topic to come at a another time.

If you have any questions please ask and if you have experienced issues with blockages in your meridians/vessels then please share your experiences on what you have done to help them.

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