Treatments for the mind, body and soul

I use reiki, crystals and energy rebalancing to create a healthy equilibrium for my clients. You can enjoy individual sessions or combine options to bring about a rebalance for you.

A combination of different therapies will be used to bring about a balance of the mind, body and soul. I’ve found over time that therapies can be adapted to suit each client’s needs.

Combine reiki, crystals,energy rebalancing, sound, essences, colour and oracle cards depending on what you wish to experience.

Experience the combination of sound, hands on reiki, reflexology, crystals and energy healing to bring about rebalancing of the mind, body and soul. Each therapy is available individually as well.

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel Serenity in Touch where you will be information that can guide and support your physical and spiritual balance

What you can experience...


NEW Reflexology with Sound – 60 minutes – £45

This session is a hour long and along with reflexology you will experience sound healing through the use of the tuning forks. On areas of the feet that need a little more attention I’ll use the frequency of the tuning forks to work on a deeper healing level. I will intuitively choose the tuning fork that I feel is needed as each one is tuned to a different frequency.

This could be the Om one (136.10hz – good for inflammation, relaxation, meditation), the nerve tuning fork (50hz – good for pain and muscle strain, calming the nerves), the weighted 64hz tuning fork (good for the lower back and balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) or the whole body tuning forks (384hz and 256hz – helping to balance the body).

NEW Auricfield Tuning Sessions – 90 minutes – £60

By working with energy especially in our auric field we can help raise our energetic vibration and bring good health and wellbeing into alignment.

Our auric field, or energy field, surrounds us expanding 5 to 6 feet out. As it is energy based, it will hold messages and areas of our lives that have had positive and negative meanings for us.

Using the tuning forks in this treatment will help the story our auric field holds, unfold. Triggers will be released and you will work on feeling a shift in thought patterns, habits and old traumas that may be holding you back from moving forward.

We will work together to clear and shift what’s no longer needed and align those chakras as well as clearing old patterns of behaviour and possible traumas.

The harmonic spectrum tuning forks will work on deep vibrational layers to help clear and release past issues on a physical, emotional and soul level.

NEW Himalayan Singing Bowl Back Massage – 45 minutes – £40

I use various sizes and notes of Himalayan Singing bowls over and on your back during this therapy.

Each bowl produces a variety of soothing, harmonious sounds with vibrational frequencies that can bring about a deep state of meditation, calmness and tranquility. They can help restore inner peace as well.

This therapy can help reduce stress and physical pain in the back along with the following  benefits:

Aid deep sleep and total relaxation
Create a meditative state
Reduce stress and anxiety
Rejuvenate a tired body
Reduce pain and depression
Improve mental clarity
Promote happiness and wellbeing
Bring in positive energy
Promote the release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin
Calms and focuses the mind

The singing bowls will be played in sequences on, over and around your back for you to experience the healing benefits of their sound.

Thai Foot Massage – 45 minutes – £40

Thai Foot Massage originated in Thailand over 2000 years and is a powerful therapy and form of therapeutic healing. The lower leg and feet are incorporated in the treatment.

Eastern Acupressure Facial Massage – 30 minutes – £35

Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage uses complementary techniques that originated in Indian and Japanese Facial Massage. This unique facial includes Eastern philosophies and will leave you feeling extremely chilled. Enjoy with or without products.

Reflexology – 45 minute session – £40

Reflexology will aid detoxification of the body and therefore will support the protection of the immune system. The feet contain contact areas for the entire body and reflexology may help with pain and other issues that may be causing problems.  

Reiki –  45 minutes – £40 –  60 minutes £45

Reiki is a wonderful healing energy for all. Anyone can enjoy this therapy – from people through to animals and situations. This is the one therapy that I can practice on myself as well as others. Reiki has and continues to be a life changing experience for me. Reiki can help with many things – emotionally and physically. You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and chilled. I work with colour and essences and bring these into your reiki sessions.

Reiki Drumming – 60 minutes – £45

The use of the drum brings about an altered state allowing deeper healing with the reiki energies.

Reiki drumming can be added to hands on reiki and brings reiki energy into the energy field increasing deep relaxation, releasing deep seated tension and helps to achieve homeostasis. The beat of the drum aids the production of endorphins which helps with pain control.

Spiritually, the vibrations of the drum encourage alignment of the energy bodies and chakras. Helping to create emotional and mental harmony.

You can choose to enjoy one or both of the following reiki drum options:

Reiki Drum Journey: use this technique to find out answers, work through challenges and further your own personal growth and evolution. This process can release personal blockages, clear energetic traumas and bring about ancestral healing.

Reiki Drum Mental Emotional Reprogramming Technique

This process aims to reprogramme negative mental and emotional patterns. The use of the drum and affirmations are used to place messages into the subconscious mind to bring about change. Use this technique to overcome bad habits, focus the mind in another direction or to help achieve a desired goal.

Reiki, crystals and energy rebalancing sessions

Reiki, crystals and energy rebalancing sessions can be beneficial for the mind, body and soul. Combine various options to create the change, cleanse and balance you need.

Please get in touch to arrange your session personal to  you.

Crystal Healing – 60 minutes – £45

Enjoy an energy rebalance with the use of crystals as they are placed on and around you. Crystals may bring about a feeling of deep relaxation while aiding stress and pain in the body and mind. Crystal healing can promote a balance of the physical and subtle bodies of the aura. 

Sound Therapy – 45 minutes – £40 – 60 minutes – £45

Experience the vibrational use of sound as you lay down and listen to the various instruments that are played. You will hear crystal singing bowls, wind gongs, chimes, tuning forks, tibetan singing bowls along with a tongue drum. The vibrations of the sound will work on all levels of your emotional and physical body relieving anxiety, stress, pain and inducing a feeling of peace and calm. 

Energy Healing sessions – combine different elements of the above

Here you have the option of combining various elements from the above therapies. You can enjoy crystals, reiki and sound. If you wish to experience the 2 hour session I will incorporate oracle cards, essences and colour work. You can add in reflexology, the acupressure facial or thai foot massage as well.

Reiki, Crystals, Therapies and Energy Rebalancing Sessions

60 minutes – combine 2 elements £ 45 

90 minutes – combine 3 elements £60

120 minutes – combine 3+ elements £75


A consultation will be carried out prior to any treatment allowing the session to be tailor made for you. We can discuss whether massage, reiki and energy balancing is what you need and how the best to address your needs.

I’m always to discuss anything prior to you booking an appointment. Feel free to give me a ring to have a chat about what you wish to gain from your session. I’m always happy to receive emails too.

Benefits of the above treatments

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Balance your mind, body & soul

Create balance and harmony

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