Reiki Shares

Reiki shares

Come along and enjoy reiki shares where you can gather with like minded souls and enjoy a sharing of the reiki energies in person.

What are these?

Reiki shares are where people who are reiki trained can get together to share experiences, thoughts, stories and energies. They are a wonderful space for those newly trained as well as practicing Reiki Therapists.

Over the years of being a Reiki Master Teacher I have held many gatherings and found them to be extremely beneficial for myself as well as my students. They are a great way to keep connected with those on the reiki path as well keeping my own hand in for self healing.

As well as being a space to share reiki energies, these gathering tend to be a place where anyone can ask anything that may be needing an answer. Without judgment or fear. Coming along to shares will help every student gain confidence in their own abilities with reiki as well as beginning to feel comfortable on this energy path.

You can be any level or any form of Reiki from first degree through to Reiki Master Teacher. A share is a wonderful place for those that have begun their training and wish to find it more.
You will never feel out of place because everyone will have felt the same at some point. Everyone who joins us is always welcoming.
The aim of these is to allow everyone to feel comfortable and ask questions if needed. Every Reiki Master Teacher will hold their shares differently. For myself this is how the in person ones will go:
The reiki share will begin with tea /coffee/cold drinks and of course cake. Here is where we share experiences and thoughts as well as any questions you may have.
We enjoy a sacred cleansing ceremony and I then take you on a guided meditation or a reiki drum journey. Once this is complete we then head into the therapy room where the sharing of reiki energies begins.
This involves one person laying on the massage bed and every other person then places their hands on them and gives reiki. This will last between 3-8 minutes per person depending on how many are at the share. Generally there are between 6-12 of us.
The in person shares generally last about 2 hours. Although we do go over sometimes!
If you wish to further your reiki path have a look at my courses page.
Reiki Shares


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