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Gong and Sound Baths

What is involved in a Sound Bath?

Tivetshall Village Hall, all Fridays with a 7pm arrival time:

 5th January – 2nd February – 1st March – 5th April – 3rd May – 7th June
Sound baths and gong baths can be hugely healing on many levels. Sound has been used for many years to help people and animals feel better physically and emotionally. Sound will work on many levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Sound healing works on a vibrational level and may have an impact on all the cells of your body. As well as using various instruments, the voice can be used through chanting and singing to help yourself and others. This is fantastic way to help the throat chakra!
Chanting and singing is of great benefit when you need to shift things for yourself. Think about how you feel when you may be in the house or in the car on your own and you can play music you love and sing along to it.
Remember how you feel when a song jolts a happy memory and makes you feel good. This is how sound healing works on the body and mind.
The aim of sound healing is to move you from a place of imbalance to a place of balance. You will be bathed in the sound waves The use of sound and rhythm creates a change in our brainwaves moving from beta to alpha to theta and possible delta waves allowing us to change our normal waking consciousness to a state of relaxed consciousness and sometimes create a state of meditation, enabling self and internal healing to occur.
Various sounds I use in my sound baths are:
Crystal and singing bowls
Rain instruments
Tibetan bells
Resonance tubes
Ocean drums
I’ve found sound helps many aspects of the mind, body and soul. Many of those who attend have felt relief from physical pain, found an ability to be able to switch and calm the mind. Where others who come along just enjoy watching and listening to the sounds and where the evening takes them.
Sound experiences are a very individual thing and one so many people have enjoyed. Come along and see what they do for you. Allow yourself the time to de-stress, chill and enjoy cake!
I begin my sound baths where all who attend choose either a crystal or oracle card to have with them during their sound journey. A guided meditation follows along with the sound healing. I then bring you back at the end with the use of the drumbeat. We finish with cake to help you ground and to bring you back before you leave to go home.

Benefits of sound baths

Sound baths
Sound Baths

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