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How can Crystals help?

How can Crystals help?
how crystals can help

How can Crystals help? The use of crystals is a type of healing ritual that can be traced back to ancient times. Crystal therapists understand physical and emotional health can be construed due to unbalanced vibrations in the body and that specific crystals can encourage healing by correcting these vibrations. Crystals can also be placed on the energy centres, our chakras, in different ways to nourish them and unblock any flows of energy.

Crystals are also used in meditation and gem essences as well as in jewellery, where the wearer may benefit psychologically or physically from wearing a specific gem for a certain reason. Crystals are formed from gases and minerals in the Earth’s molten core which rises to the Earth’s mantle to cool and solidify. Their geometric structure characterises them where they conform to one of seven basic shapes: hexagonal, cubic, triagonal, orthorhombic, triclinic and monoclinic. Crystals may also lack an inner structure which is known as amorphic.

Different colours of crystals can be associated with different areas of healing:

  • Red crystals stimulate and strengthen
  • Blue crystals ground and project energy
  • Green crystals balance and provide healing
  • White or clear crystals purify
  • Orange crystals activate or construct
  • Yellow crystals awaken and energise
  • Pink crystals nurture and comfort

Crystals can be used for different areas of healing. 

How can crystals help if you suffer from headaches? There would be different ones for different types of headaches. If you were suffering with a tension one then it may be relieved by placing amethyst, amber or turquoise on or around the head. Lapis lazuli has been used for centuries to help treat migraines. A common cause of headaches is an imbalance between head energy and the solar plexus chakra which can be brought about by stress or unsuitable food. 

If stress is thought to be the cause or you have a headache with an upset stomach then use either citrine or moonstone to help.

If you are having difficulty with sleeping and believe tension and worry to be the cause, then place either chrysoprase, rose quartz, citrine or amethyst under your pillow or beside the bed to calm and soothe. 

If your restless,it  may be due to overeating. Try iron pyrite or moonstone to calm the stomach. Nightmares can cause problems with sleep, protective stones such as tourmaline or smoky quartz can aid peaceful sleep. Place the crystal at the foot of the bed. Labradorite is also thought to chase away any unwelcome feelings and thoughts.

If lack of energy is a concern then use either red, orange or yellow crystals as these can help an increase in energy. Red garnet, golden amber or golden yellow topaz are great ones to try.

If you need to feel more motivated practically use tiger’s eye, dark citrine or jasper. If you are finding it hard to concentrate or study then citrine and amber are believed to stimulate the memory while lapis lazuli is a powerful amplifier of thoughts. Quartz can aid concentration and carnelian clears extraneous thoughts. Amethyst helps with mental clarity and the ability to focus on things like realistic goals as well as possibly helping the nervous system. 

If you need more focus with studying then use fluorite as it is believed to balance the function of the brain hemispheres while deep blue stones such as sodalite can help with communication and give a better understanding of ideas and concepts.

Crystals are great for promoting peace and tranquillity by dissolving blockages of emotional expression. They are best worn or kept around you.

Green is a great healing colour and lots of green crystals can be used to reduce mental and nervous stress. 

Rose quartz and blue lace agate are both good for cleansing and detoxifying the emotions while opal promotes emotional balance and stability. 

Amethyst will work on hormone production by balancing emotional highs and lows while helping you to feel more in control. 

Amber would be good to use in cases of negativity and to balance any underlying emotional and endocrine imbalance.

Crystals are wonderful stones and can be used and worn in different ways. We can wear them as jewellery, carry them in our pockets or bags as well as place them under our pillows. Crystals can be shaped into different objects such as angels, animals and Buddhas. If you’d like to find out how crystals can help then please get in touch either through emailing hayley@serenitytouch.co.uk or ring me on 0740287747. To find out more about crystal healing and energy balancing sessions please have a look at my therapies page.

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