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Tea Leaf Readings

There are 6 different types of tea with liver 3000 varieties. The 6 types are black, green oolong, white, compressed and flavoured. Compressed and flavoured tea aren’t suitable for tea leaf readings due to the way they are produced.

When trying to read the tea leaves you need to use loose leaf teas rather than tea bags. Loose leaf tea moves freely around the pot releasing more flavour along with leaving u the leaves are the bottom of your cup!

Tea leaf reading is also known as tasseomancy and goes back thousands of years to ancient China when tea was first drunk. This art began when tea drinkers started interpreting the shape of the tea leaves that were left in the bottom of their cups. 

You will need a teapot without strainer to allow the tea leaves to move freely from the pot to the cup. Ideally use a teapot that doesn’t drip! Use a teacup that has a nicely rounded bowl to allow the tea and leaves to move freely. Ensure the inside of the cup is plain but the outside can be as a decorative as you want. Make sure the cup has a handle.

There are a couple things to take into consideration when choosing your tree. One is the taste as if you don’t enjoy it y you won’t continue to try and read the leaves. Two is the size of the leaves. Too small a leaves will have them clumping together so you won’t be able to read them in the cup and if they’re too big the leaves will cover the bottom of the cup.  The leaves shouldn’t be uniform in size or shape as you will be able to see different things in different size leaves.

Choose a tea that doesn’t contain added ingredients like orange peel or dried rose petals. Keemun, Assam,Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English breakfast, Ceylon, Kenya and Oolong tea are all good to use.

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