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Tarot Cards

Have you ever had a tarot card reading? Does it frighten you? Have you heard strange stories about tarot readings?

Pendulums, oracle cards and runes are also tools of divination which is what tarot cards are used for.

Tarot cards are like astrology and can help us understand the circumstances we find ourselves in and possible ways to move forward.

The history of  Tarot dates back more than 600 years and has been associated with many mystical beliefs and esoteric interests as well as psychological interpretations. This has resulted in deck of 78 cards, which are divided into the 22 cards of the major arcana and 56 of the minor arcana. These cards are shuffled together and design into a spread. The tarot card reader then uses the cards as a divination tool to give a reading.

Various spreads can be used such as the 21 card bohemian spread or the 10 card Celtic cross spread or even the simplest using one card. Some readers hold significance if a card is reversed while others don’t.

There are many different designs of tarot packs ranging from the classical such as the original Rider Waite pack that was originally published in 1910 to the more obscure today that can cater for particular interests in certain animals or mystical beings.

You will feel drawn to a reader if you’re looking for guidance so go with your instinct or intuition and put your trust there.

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