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The Chakras

The chakras are key to our physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity. They act as conductors by filtering energy from the heavens and the earth. These energy fields form a chakra. The chakras are discs of focused energy associated with different colours. The spiral of each chakra narrows it gets closer to the physical and the 7 main chakras link directly into our spine.

These spinning wheels (as they are known in Sanskrit) give information about our aura and also hold details of past pains and trauma. This vortex of moving energy then stimulates various endocrine organs in the body which then secrete hormones into the bloodstream. The hormones control our body and affect the state of our minds.

The chakras can be likened to a filtration system as they purify our energy and when open correctly can enable the body and mind to function well

These are the 7 main chakras in the body; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brown and Crown. Each chakra is associated with a physical element of the body each one is represented by an emotion as well. Below are the physical and emotional elements for each one.

The Chakras – physical and emotional elements

  • Root – physical is the adrenals where the fight or flight function of the kidneys is activated. The emotions can be aggression, violence, anger and jealousy.
  • Sacral chakra – physical are the ovaries or testes. The reproductive organs that control sexual development. The emotions are pleasure and feeling good, deservedness, envy and caring for your physical body
  • Solar Plexus chakra – physical is the pancreas which is the organ that processes sugar and also controls the digestion of food The emotions are a feeling of self worth, power and clear choices for yourself.
  • Heart Chakra – physical element is the thymus where a strong immunity of pain and disease can be built. The emotional elements being capable of love and compassion for self and others.
  • Throat chakra – the physical here is the thyroid which regulates metabolism and affects physical and mental development. The emotions are a release of feelings through expression in ways like crying, shouting and laughing.
  • Brow chakra – the physical part is the pituitary gland that influences growth and the metabolism and hormones which include those connected with giving birth. The emotion element is an allowing of yourself to experience feelings and choosing when to express them.
  • Crown chakra – the pineal is the physical element here which produces melatonin and regulates the body clock. A feeling of wanting to create bliss and surrender to what it is is the emotion here.

Our chakras if out of balance can have a huge effect on our everyday lives – physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. A lovely to way to help keep them working well and correctly is through crystal healing, yoga and eating in a healthy way along with the use of reiki energy as well.

Each of our chakras are associated with a colour, a musical note, a smell as well as many other things. If you have any question then please ask.

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