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Astral Travel

This is classed as an out-of-body experience that can be achieved while awake or by lucid dreaming or deep meditation. While astral projection occurs people have said they are consciously aware of things while out of their physical body. 

It is thought the spirit or astral body has left the physical form and moves into another dimension that is classed as the spirit world or astral plane. This concept has been around and has been practiced for thousands of years dating back to ancient China times.

Most dreams aren’t remembered by the conscious mind but psychics have said that the subconscious or dreaming mind contains the spirit or astral body. These dreams may create a falling effect or a feeling of waking from a dream with a falling sensation or sudden jerk. 

Some people find astral travel easily and it comes to them naturally however others find the concept fearful and don’t wish to ‘lose’ control of their body and mind. Some astral travellers have travelled from one realm to another. Others believe you can travel to visions of the past and the future as well as being able to access the Akashic records.

There are three types of projection or travel – astral, etheric and mental.

Astral travel is something you need to research more if it interests you, some of you may be aware you already carry this out and find it hugely beneficial to yourself. Please share any experiences you may have had as I’m sure we’ll find them fascinating.

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