Spiritual learning courses and workshops

I offer a range of courses from various forms of Reiki, Face the World ones, the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki and I will in the future be offering crystal healing courses. All these courses work on an energetic level which will have a profound effect on the physical and emotional body as well.

To find out more about me and what I do have a look at this online interview I gave with Mystic Mag: https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/interview-hayleypearson/


Accredited Courses

My courses aim to help you move forward in a way that can help you and your clients in your work environment. Courses open to anyone with an interest in self improvement and development.


Spiritual workshops

These are group days where you will be able to reconnect with yourself on an energetic and spiritual level. Re-charge your batteries through a variety of exercises.



I offer a range of bodywork therapies incorporating massage, reflexology, lava shells massage, indian head massage and holistic facials for de-stressing the body and the mind.


Experience meditations, sound baths along with healing drum journeys. It is a somewhere that like minded individuals can be and learn more about their spiritual path.

Please note: All courses require a deposit  to confirm your place with the remaining balance to be paid a month before the course start date.

Learn how to balance the mind, body and soul with my Spiritual learning courses and workshops


My own personal journey

Having developed as a Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher over 12 years, my work has evolved to help teach clients who come to see me using a range of courses and workshops. I help to instill long-term solutions to, what can seem, insurmountable problems.

My experiences in helping people reach a more serene state of being has enabled me to develop specific treatment sessions which combine reiki, bodywork, colour, essences and sound healing to help others move forward in life and feel emotionally, spiritually and physically better with my spiritual learning courses and workshops.

To find out more about me and my energy path, have a look at this interview I was asked to give with the Mystic Mag Online Magazine: 


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